Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Cowgirl Kiss

This is a commission I took at a con, but wasn't able to finish before I left for home, so I finished inkng it and sent if off.


bustedacres said...

That looks great. I like the way her, um, shapes fit together.

Was it intentional that her hair in the back kind of looks like a horse's tail?

Mike Manley said...

No, I don't remember thinking that. This was one of those con drawings where it was hard to concentrate on it as i was tired and people kept stopping by to chat and to buy merchandise, so it is a sort of wonky in places.

Mike Manley said...

I should also note that it's one of the femeForce characters. I had a few ref shots of her costume...still couldn't quite figure it out.

bustedacres said...

I've always wondered about the con drawing thing. . .do people usually pay you or do they expect them for free? It seems like an uncomfortable issue.

I once went to a book signing (at Meltdown in LA, which I highly recommend to you if you've never been there) of Chris Ware. This was before the big explosion of his stuff in the public. There was a pretty long line (this was in the small store before they moved across the street to the really big place), and it turned out he was not only signing each book, he was writing in very detailed script the owner's name on the front. There was a line reading "This Book Belongs To:" and he'd write "Matthew Southworth".

So this was taking a long time. He was apologizing up and down, really sorry the line was so long. On top of that, he was also doing a little one-inch high drawing for EVERY SINGLE BOOK--a different drawing for each one, mind you--and then signing his name. That was a hard day's work for him.

HumanPerson said...

is that a nipple or button on her shirt? YOWZAZ!!!!

Jill said...

i would think you would get inundated with folks wanting a commission at a con. Do they expect you to get it done there? Also, do you have your rates listed anywhere?


Kim G. said...

Hi, Mike. I saw this drawing while doing a google search. I am looking to have a logo made for an equine photography site. I want something similar to this but with the cowgirl drawing cameras instead of guns from her holster.

Please contact me if interested.



LogankeitH said...

Found this picture from a Google search as another poster had stated. I really enjoyed looking around your blog and the half paying attention, quick thought drawings seem to have a life to them the finished pieces sometimes lack. One thought though, she is holding two revolvers but possesses just one holster, leading me to wonder where does she keep the other pistol.
Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing.