Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The letter R

This is a pic I snapped while walking from the parking garage on Shipley over to the school on Market and 6th in Wilmington. I try and carry my digital camera with me at all times for just such an 'art opportunity". I see things all the time that strike my artist's eye, little scenes like this. They are all around us, in our daily lives if we just take the time and set our minds to pay attention, slow down and look at the world we are passing through.


Marqas said...

Mike, that's a great shot. Almost Lee Friedlander'ish. Perhaps you are powerful as the Emperor has foreseen...

Vanoni! said...

Great photo - and I feel the same way.
I just recently bought a camera I can finally slip into my pocket and have with me at all times. (My previous digital camera was the size of a large baking potato)

I've even started a posterity folder of sorts on my computer - where I put a lot of my photos that I don't neccesarily think others would find interesting. Why do I take them then?
I don't know.

PS: Although I fought like mad to get out of my hometown - I now find it incredibly interesting, visually, when I return for a visit.

Lalena said...

I do the same thing when it comes to the digital camera. I like carrying it because it almost forces me to slow down. Really neat photo. Reminds me of brail.