Friday, February 10, 2006

More Fear

Still pecking away at issue#3 of Fear Agent, so I thought I'd give you another peak into my process. First Tony sends me his layout which he draws at repro size ( comic book size) and then I take it into photoshop and convert it to non-photo blue under the Duotone selection in the MODE menu. I have it preset to the blue I want, and I adjust it manually based on how dark or detailed the pencils are using the hue and saturation settings. One I have the page the proper blue I print it out via Quark as I have a preset comic page layout which I use, and print the layout 10 x 15 on comic board. I have detailed this process before.

Here is Tony's layout

And my finished page, with some of the Backgrounds finished by my assistant Bonaia.

You can see a larger version here.

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Brandon Vietti said...

I'm really enjoying the Fear Agent book so it's great to see all these FA works in progress. Thanks for posting them! I posted a doodle of Fear Agent on my blog. Hope you like it.