Saturday, March 11, 2006

Fear Agent 4

I am in the midst of inking on Fear Agent 4, which will be my last work on the series, though I do plan on doing a back-up story for Rick. I figure I'd show some more of my process.

Tony Moore posts his layouts for me, which I print out comic size in non-photo blue on comic board.

Next i hit the layout with the pencil if needed to tighten things up

Then I go right into inks..wallah!

You can see a larger pic of this page here.


alebrije said...

hello mike. gretings from mexico
im fan of your work and is great discover you had a blog.
i have a question
did you convert in photoshop the lay out to non reproduce blue?
which is exactly the non reproduction blue? did you have a percent numbers or did you doit to the eye?

Mike M said...

Alebrije, Yes I converted the layout to blue in photoshop using the duotone setting, and there I already have the blue preset.

The rgb sliders are set to
R: 174 G:267 B: 247 to make the blue. Again this is based on what my printer an Epson 1200 will give me. Sometimes depending on the darkness of the pencils i adjust the lightness, or the contrast to lighten the blue so it won't print so dark.

Kevin Langley said...

Hey Mike, I just wanted to say I always enjoy seeing your "process" whether it be here or in Draw! magazine. I always learn something from them. Keep up the great work!

Ben said...

Hey, what happened to the Draw! site? It redirects to site, :-(

Mike M said...


RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Wow. I love seeing the process broken down like this. Really great work. Thanks for sharing your secrets. YOu have no idea how much it helps.

Mike M said...

Thanks, I am always happy to share and teach, I think that's especially important in the 'craft" end of comics.