Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Heroes Con Road Trip

This coming weekend I along with Echo will be attending the Heroes Condown in Charlotte North Carolina. This looks to be a great show this year, Sheldon has always asked me to go and this year I said yes, so it will be a road trip extravaganza. And what a year to go, the guest line-up is really spectatcular so I look forward to see a lot of fellow pros. I'll try blogging from the show if I can and of course give a full blown reprot when I return next week.

the worst thing about going away for the cons is boarding my dogs Buster and Shazam. they are 11yrs now and don't tolerate the cage as well. I feel bad doing it but don't have a choice. Luckily nothing forgives you like a dog, they never hold grudges.


Kelly said...

Ahhh....if only I could join you guys. Have a good time though. Oh, and if there's a Sonny's Rib joint down there, stay away from the smoked beef brisket(sp?). Don't know if that's what got me down in Tampa this past Sunday, but it sure wasn't any fun revisiting it hours after dinner! eeeeewwwww! hahaha!
Seriously, we should all get together after you guys get back. I need a laugh or two (maybe we all do?). I'll be in Staten Island for the Fourth, and my sister will be out here from the 14th to the 18th (I think). We can either work around those dates and yours, or do something after. AND, I should have a rental by then.....

Brothergrimm said...

Good luck on your road trip, and by the way, kickass Elvira! Love the inks.