Friday, August 25, 2006

Work-a work-a

Two quick sketches of my pal Jamar

Today I have to spin down to DCAD to hang my work in the Faculty Show. Orientation is this weekend and they always want the teachers art up for when the new students and parents come in. Then tomorrow I plan on doing some more painting with Echo. Not sure where we will go this weekend, maybe back to Brandywine Park, as it's easy to park and paint in with plenty of choice sites for the quick plien air study.

I've also been busy with the Turtles, inking up the rest of the pages I have penciled and laying out more to pencil. Luckily these stories always have long deadlines. I recived the first script for the new Image comics book I am going to do with Greg Thompson, so I am reading that and making notes, I'll start making sketches and character designs ASAP. If things work out well this book will be on shelves next spring sometime. We don't have a title yet but as soon as we do and I have some finished art to show I'll probably start a blogg just forn the book to help promote it and hype the darn thing.

School start in a week for me so I am putting all of my lessons back in order and coming up with a few new ones. I hope this years class is good, I would be incredibly lucky if they were as good as last years.

It also looks like I will be starting a storyboard for a new TV cartoon on Monday, more about that when it's finalized. So like it happens every fall I'll be super-busy, which is good...

On the Draw! Mag front all the interviews are in for 13, I am editing them now an they will go to the layout guy Eric in a few days, so 13 will certainly ship in early December, I hope the first week. Issue 14 is shaping up as well, I haven't choosen the cover artist yet, it could be Doug Mahnke or Joe Lisnser.


Jamar said...

Hey! That's me!

Awesome. That must've been a sweatrag day.

Always Be Hustling!

willceau said...

I love Draw! magazine. I was wondering how you decide who you're going to interview for an issue.

Will the Crusty Critic return or has he run out of art materials to review?

Kelly said...

Wow! I can't wait to see this stuff come together!