Thursday, January 18, 2007


Here are some layouts as well my final penciled page for the Turtles issue I am working on. This is how tightly I have to pencil for myself to ink.

It's been a few weeks since I have posted anything here, with the holidays I took a bit of a break to spend with family, friends and to reflect on the last year as well as the new one, but I also have been quite busy with work, much of I can't post here for editorial reasons. I just finished doing breakdowns on an issue of Aquaman, #49 to be exact. My pal Ricardo Villagran will be doing finishes just like he did so often on my work back in the day at Marvel. Ric also penciled and inked the previous issue #48 all by himself. The script by Kurt Busiek was a lot of fun to work on, one of the best scripts I've had the pleasure of illustrating in my career. The good spin out of this is that Kurt as well as DC was so happy with my work on Aquaman that they have offered me an issue of Superman to pencil. I'll be starting on that ASAP, I don't know exactly when it will be scheduled though.

Between my comic jobs and my Draw! mag projects (working on 14,15 now) plus my DVD project and figure drawing book, plus I start teaching next week again at DCAD as well as attending a class at the Pennsylvania Accademy of Fine Art, where I plan to attend full time next fall to finish my BFA in Painting. I'll be busier I think this year than I have maybe ever been, but that's good, I see 2007 a building year both personally and artistically. My fiance Echo is already attending PAFA and really enjoying it, I have to say I'm kinda' jealous, wishing I was enrolled there now myself, but August will be here soon enough, hell, we're already halfway through January!

I think this year will be a bigger return for me to drawing comics, a recommitment to myself as an artist, to push myself even harder there to meet the personal goals I have. I have to say I'm more excited about that than I have been in years.
I have a book planned with greg thompson I plan to start on next month. We don't have a publisher yet, we might approach Image or even Dark Horse, that is to be decided once the first issue is to bed.

With all the bullshit in the world you have to try some days to stay positive, thank god the dems won and kicked the conservatives and bush in the nutsacks! I just hope we can spin the ball more positive overall in 2007.

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Tegan said...

Congrats on the Aquaman work! Looking forward to seeing that issue, no surprise.