Friday, June 29, 2007

Mix It Up

Boy, this has been one of those mix-it-up weeks, Seems like everyday there is a place to go, somebody to meet for lunch, dinner etc. But I did get a chance to start a new still life painting and do a few sketches at starbucks with Echo today.

I imagine it will take me a few more days to pick at the still life, and I am planning to go out and do some landscape painting with some friends from PAFA on Sunday morning. I've been away so long it seems from doing my fine art or personal stuff. I need to get back to this seriously.

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william wray said...

Hey Mike less is more... my favorite current still life guys is Justin Clayton

He keeps it simple. It's about design, not the amount of things. It's also about feeling natural and not to staged, rather than piling it on.