Friday, November 02, 2007

Artist and His Muse

This was the in-class drawing we did this week in Scott Noel's class. The original model couldn't make it so Scott posed for us, but then another model was able to make it so Scott had us draw her in. The object of this week's lesson was to really try and draw the composition in two values, than slowly add more. Just as I started to add the darker tones the class was over. This is pastel on Reeves BFK paper, 24 x 30


Gannon said...

Hi Mike,

What is the rationale for starting in two values? Can you expand on the process a little?



william wray said...

nice, this one feels like the begining of a "real" painting rather than a class project.

Mike Manley said...

Thanks Bill, i feel this one has the best composition as well.
Gannon, the idea is that you can usually break down a picture into two values. We were studying several artists in class as an example, Ingres and Dega were two, and if you were two reduce the values down as simple aspossible most of the drawings or [ainting could be reduced into two main values, somewhere often in the middle of the 10 or 9 step value scale. The simpler the values the stronger the picture.

Gannon said...

Thanks, Mike!

Unknown said...

I like the 45degree angle/plane created by the two figures. It really pulls the eye from the first figure to the second.

When you're working from models and poses do you find it more difficult to make it your own? Or does it stay as an exercise in your mind rather then a piece?


I'm the fellow from the Baltimore Con that asked for a sketch incorporating 'two fish' in some fashion. But time being what it is caught us up without it getting done. I hope its okay that I'm leaving a note on your blog here. I've tried a couple of other places around the net.

I wanted to leave my contact info so we might touch base on things.

I am a huge fan of your work and would still love to get the sketch if you have time.

(Remember the idea was that it used two fish somewhere in the sketch as part of the sketch. not just 'here's Batman... and here's a fish' I got a beautiful Chris Moreno coloured sketch of the Joker with clown fish... the Wonder fins, Wolverine with two fish on his claws doing a fish fry, Nick Flounder Agent of Shield, a 300 piece with fish stuck on the ends of the Spartan's spears.)

I'm really excited to see what you come up with. Thanks in advance for your time