Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sketching in the Park

This was the last week of classes befoore the crit week in the Storyboarding Class I teach this semester at Uarts, and as the weather was so nice, though cool, I had decided that this week I would take the class out to do some life drawing/sketching on the streets of Philly. Each week during the class I would give out some drawing lessons rolled into the class crits and lessons on storyboard since doing boards really, like comics, requires you do really have good, solid drawing and cartooning skills. And one of the best ways to improve you skills in drawing and observation is to go out and sketch from life in malls, parks, on the streets of life. the goal was then to go back to the class and then do drawings based on the sketches we did in the park at 15th and Walnut. It was a great day, spring sun, lots of people sunning and scurrying about, mommies with kids,businessmen, old ladies, people walking their dogs, lots to choose from.
Afterwards, on the way back to class, we all stopped and got some free Ben & Jerry's ice cream since it was their birthday.

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