Monday, August 18, 2008


The splash to Vampy, penciled by Heebink and inked by me.

Boy I know I often I say I am busy here,but recently things had super-heated into a huge ball of work. Now all of my CE teaching has ended for the summer, my last classes were last week. I had a good crop of students this semester and everyone was making good progress, for some using a pen or a brush for the first time.

I also finished up my inking over my buddy John Heebink's pencils for Vampirella, which should be out in October, for Halloween. I also inked my first Secret Saturday's job, which should also be out around then.

After catching up on a few straggling things here I'll take a few days vacation before school starts all over again. I do look forward to going back to class myself though. I didn't get to do all the painting I wanted this summer.


CCG Coordinator said...

Hi Mike,

I'm wondering about the classes you taught this summer - can you save me copy of your student handouts? Do you think you will repeat those courses next summer? I might consider a temporary summer move for something like wife is a teacher and get's the summers off so it is not as drastic as it sounds. I do web work and could possibly keep my employment or get a sabbatical from the University.

Maybe I should see the syllabi for your classes and the out of state tuition for the school before I make any brash decisions?

Let's talk more about this?

warren said...

Hey I just wanted to THANK YOU for all of your hard work putting together DRAW! over the last few years. I keep going back to it to keep inspired.

~ w.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Man, you guys look great together!


Jonathan Colton said...

Just picked up that Vampirella issue the other day - GREAT STUFF!

Also, DRAW magazine is not to be missed. Ever.