Monday, October 05, 2009

Week 6 and the Baltimore Con

This week we are getting a bit deeper into the Fall semester and I feel like now the wheels are getting a bit of traction finally. I felt the first several weeks was a lot of busy work with not a lot to show for it, I felt like I was rushing around every day but I ended up with no mass of work. Some days are a rush between classes at PAFA and rushing down the street to teach my classes at Uarts and then the long, sometimes sleepy ride home on the train.

But I feel this week I'll get to bite in more on the paintings in both my Portrait class and my class with Renee. I think I should finish the Grisaille of Jim and maybe get to glaze into it. My classes will be turning in their first big comic assignment in Storyboard.

I also had a great weekend with friends going down to see the Rockwell Kent show at the Brandywine River Museum, this was my third trip this year and they had several new acquisitions of paintings for their collection of NC Wyeth's work and a show of Jamie Wyeth's work as well. I always loved Kent's work and it was a really great show, one that shouldn't be missed. They had a lot of sketches and pencil drawings, prints and lithos and a lot of clippings and articles covering his life and work.

The only negative for me was the catalogue they had of the show, which was really a gate fold pamphlet for $5, and not worth it, I wish they had made a really great book of his work instead. looking at his paintings I was reminded of the work of Maynard Dixon, Diego Rivera, Ed Mel and the art of the old golden book Encyclopedia I have from the 30's which was my father's as a kid. I had seen a few smaller paintings before and prints but never the big paintings on display nor the original pen and ink drawings for such books as Moby Dick. Of course going to see the Wyeth's work as well as the paintings by Pyle, Cornwell, etc., is always a huge charge for me, it seems to always make things so clear to me as an artist when I see their work.

Next weekend I will be heading down to the Baltimore Comic-con for the yearly event. I'll be there Saturday only. I'm also attending because DRAW! has been nominated for a Harvey Award. I'll be floating around the Kids Love Comics pavillion, so stop on by of flag me down if you see me walking around.

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