Saturday, December 19, 2009

Semesters End

It's been a while since I have had a chance to post an update here as the end of the semester was really busy for me between my classes at PAFA and the end of the semester crits at Uarts in the three sections of Storyboarding I teach. This semester was a dozzie, fully packed and it zipped past in a blur, but I feel I made some progress as a painter in the past 16 weeks. Once again i am thankful for my fellow DPC members, my gang of buddies at school who make it a much better, happier and funny experience. I am also thankful to my teachers especially Al and Renee who gave me some really useful help on my journey as an artist. Though i think there are some issues with the program at school, overall i still feel PAFA is the best school in the country to attend if you want to be a thinking figurative artist.

I also enjiyed the Animal Drawing class taught by Peter Van Dyke, and Peter played a little joke on the class on the last day by having a student dress up in a gorilla suit, you can see my drawing below.

The Dirty Palette Club also held our third Self Critique as a group after classes. I get a lot more out of these crits as opposed to the group crits I get in class and it's always great to see everyone's progress through the semester.

The DPC talking art.
A quick alla prima portrait I painted of my friend Alina for my portrait class.
Here is a bunch of my best work from this semester, it's good to line all of your work up and view it in one shot.

A quick mock plien air ( done inside) from the 11th floor at school, it was just too windy and cold to paint on the terrace at school.
I went back in and glazed color over this grisalle piece for my media & Methods class. it started as an oil doodle while on the phone.
This was where I left this painting in Renee Foulks's class, i could have used a few more sessions on it, but that's the breaks on class room paintings, you just never have the control of elements or the time you'd like.

Now I get to spend a few days getting ready for X-mas and then I'll put the painting smock on again and get back into the studio to finish a bunch of my commuter paintings over the break.

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