Friday, March 05, 2010

Week 6 Spring 2010--Final ( Spring Break)

Here is where I stopped with the drawing from Al Gury's figure drawing class and so ends my 6th week of the semester. This is charcoal on rives BFK paper. i had never tried charcoal on the Rives before, just pastel--and I really liked it. I think I'm going to explore drawing a lot more with charcoal on it and I wish I had another 2-3 poses to work on this drawing--but alas, this is what always happens in school, you just never get the time you'd like to finish something. It's really like doing drills. But I guess doing many more starts leads to hopefully in the long run better finishes.

Next week, or rather starting today is my Spring Break, unfortunately I won't have time to show off my beach body next week as I'll have my ass firmly planted in the studio chair between the Judge Parker strips and the other freelance I have going. But I love the word SPRING very much this year as this has really been a tough winter here in Philly. I don't know if I am suffering a little SADS or not, but Goddamn I can't wait till 70 degree weather!!

I'm working on week 4 of Judge Parker right now and I feel I'm getting more and more confident each weeks worth of strips, last week went the smoothest and I'm sorta' anxious for people to see them, and that's only a week away from next Monday.


Unknown said...


Looking forward to seeing your Judge Parker artwork. Glad to hear that you are getting more confident with each. Should we expect a more Barreto-esque look at the beginning and then more of your look later?

Also, was wondering what you are using to color the Sunday comics?



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CC said...


Saw next week's Judge Parker strips...looking good. Nice start! I hope your lettering is big enough after the newspaper gets done shrinking it.