Friday, April 30, 2010

week 15 Done!

Wekk that's it, all she wrote, next week is crit week, which means maybe we draw a bit and have an hour crit in each class--but the spring sememster is really done. While many friends in the BFA nash, moan and tearr at themselves getting ready for the ASE, i can look forward to a few brews and a BBQ.

These are the last two pieces I've been working on this semester and I am basically finished with the painting but have one more class to "pick-at-it". The pastel, which I am calling "sleepers' was finished yesterday, I stayed after class to finish up the skeleton. Monday is the day we drop off our paintings and drawings for Spring prizes at the school. I have many pieces I will be entering this year from my last several months of drawing and painting and who knows, one might even make it in--though I don't hold my breath over these things as it all depends on who judges what.

This semester was frankly a bit mixed bag for me at school. Due to a financial crisis I ended up taking less classes than intended, but I think what that did was allow me to concentrate more on each piece of work as I had no liberal arts classes to take. I also feel I was able to build on what I started last summer but doing the plein-air and commuter paintings as well as the Super Sad paintings. In short, I feel I could focus more on what I wanted to bring to the canvas and not feel like I was serving the teacher or assignment--I reversed that i think to make it all serve me--which is as it should be. For the first time in my life I will also be renting a studio for just painting and separating my work spaces--and head spaces. I'll be renting a group studio with friends at school, my Dirty Palette amigos and amiga.

I can safely say I am so gaoddamed ready to be in my third year and my studio doing what I really want as a painter and look forward to the summer to spin it up and get my "paint on".