Friday, October 07, 2011

Fall Semester-Week 6

This week was a good painting week for me. I finished up another commuter landscape and got a few more paintings underway. I worked from a really old and small low rez pic from my old cell phone. I remember really being struck by the great light in this picture--so that's what I went for, pushing the colors as well. I think I was warmed up from doing that plein air demo last week at the gallery and kept the painting energy rolling.
This is the block-in for the painting I'll be working on for the next 3 weeks in mt Life Painting class with Peter van Dyck. I got to set up this pose so I got something a lot more interesting going on than a guy sitting in a chair.
This was a one-shot painting done today in the class with Peter. The models pose was only for today--so this was just a mad dash in the three hour class to get stuff down as usual. It's really just a attempt to get the light and atmosphere which was changing every minute as the sun rose from behind the convention center. I was thinking a little about Zhaoming Wu's approach on this and i used a big flat brush on it to keep from being seduced by details...
This is a series of comps for my Super Sad paintings. I might do this quite large, actually stapling the canvas to the wall and using huge brushes or squeegies or who knows what. I want to play with more pushed compositions as well. So it was a good week and I plan on keeping the paint brush to the metal as I have only a few more weeks till my show in Jersey!

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