Monday, April 02, 2012

Susan McDowell Eakins Painting Competition

This weekend at school was the annual Susan McDowell Eakins painting competition at school, its a two day event painting from the live model, 9-4. It's open to 2nd to 4th year BFA and Certificate students and was started by Al Gury the chairman of the painting dept. at PAFA. There were roughly 30 students on hand this time, including my studio mate lexi and Alina, who won second place last year. Here is my effort from this year, 24 x 30 in oil, I didn't win anything this year--last year I won first place and Alina won second place--but this year she won first place, and I'm really happy for her, she did a handsome little painting. It's rough standing mostly on your feet for two days painting and I was running on little sleep, but during the judging, this time by Peter Van Dyck we all feasted on Pizza. That's it for me as next year I'll be an MFA and unable to participate, but it was a challenge for the few years I was able to compete.


William R. Moore said...

Seeing your painting, Alina's painting must have been super to have taken first place instead of yours. Can you provide a link to the winners or Alina's paintings.

Michael Manley said...

Sorry William, I don't think she took a pic or will post it, but if she does I'll link to it.

Alan Ellaway said...

Lucky you, Great Looking model, handsome and in wonderful shape!