Saturday, September 22, 2012

PAFA MFA1: Week 4

This week was a week of experimentation for me in the studio. In my drawing seminar I had an assignment where I had to do a drawing based on phrases I pulled out of a box. "A line has two sides", "change nothing and continue on with immaculate consistency", "cut a vital connection". So I produced this multi-media piece that started out as collage. I tried starting with collage as it falls more under "drawing" to me, then I drew shapes with paint, oil and pastel. People seem to really like it and it was fun to do---but I also felt a bit like I was just kidding around and having fun. I was a good exercise but I also feel the need to keep at what I want to do in the studio.
This piece is for next week actually. Its for a drawing assignment where the criteria is "round into flat", and on this one I don't know...its much harder for me to to abstract pieces or semi- abstract. I might do something completely different in a day or so.... I never feel sure about them like my more traditional pieces---but you must risk complete failure to grow. I have another painting on the easel so I will have more work to share soon.

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