Monday, April 01, 2013

Ken Kewley Workshop-mini-post

This will just be a quick mini-blog about the Ken Kewley workshop I took this last weekend at PAFA. It was a really great 2-day workshop that stretched Saturday and Sunday and Kewley is a very good but easy going teacher. he provided most of the material for the workshop as well to help focus and get everybody to work and concentrate on the ideas and subjects he was putting forward for us to work with--creating strong, solid compositions using abstract shapes and colors. I think this is one of the reasons the workshop went so well and everybody was able to also produce a lot of work. These are two of the several pieces I did that combined painting and collage. The top is from the first day and the second is from the last day. After I catch up on more of the strip and get my paper written I'll do a longer blog before I take the Jon Redmond workshop later this week.

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