Thursday, August 21, 2014

Judge Parker Process

Here are the pencils and inks for an upcoming JP Sunday strip. We are moving on into the new Neddy storyline and I'm sure longtime readers will enjoy it. It's interesting to go back and draw characters that Baretto drew on his run like Rocky ledge.

I'm sure the snarks and Trolls will not enjoy this run, or just obsess over the female characters breasts--which frankly I just don't get, I mean real boobs are always just a few clicks away on the web. I don't check in on the  the Comics Kingdom site very often, but when I do I see the same sad sack trolls trying to be funny by snarking there. How pathetic these fools are.

For the trolls there is no pleasing, and I would in fact never try to appease them, I hope they are never pleased and become so enraged they drop the strip. That would be too much to hope though. That way better fans, real fans will be able to feel free to comment again. King is aware of the issue and has banned some trolls. I've had some great feedback from a few readers recently, new readers and  who have been following the strip since the 50s! I'm sure most of the readers are above 50, and enjoy reading something that they have followed as a daily routine for decades, there are not many things in the world that you can say that about.

 I also found out that over 10,000 readers read the strip on-line every day, Wow, which is also great. I guess our audience is building daily through the internet. So the trolls on the Comics Kingdom site who come in to hate on the strips every day are not even 1%. They are also cowards. Creators have a public face, these turds don't even have a real name and nothing at risk creatively on a daily basis. These clowns are the worst type of people who like to try and tear down the work of others, and I'm sure they are all excellent at their jobs---world beaters--award winners who all have work pasted up on their mommies fridge. Thekings of industry--if they even have a job. I'm sure they certainly have nothing that fills their life with passion or accomplishment or they would be out there doing it instead of like the trolls they are, peeing on the legs of real creative people. I suppose this is just the result of the internet culture allowing so many messed up people the ability to take these pot-shots from the anonymity of their troll dens. Luckily the fans of almost anything are not like that, but trolls are a troubling sign of our ever growing on-line culture.


Tim Thomason said...

Hi, Mr. Manley,

My name is Tim Thomason (real name), and I'm a new reader to Judge Parker, after having read several similar strips online. Growing up, my local newspapers have never really had dramatic or adventure strips, so the idea of a non-comedic comic strip is very new to me.

I'm also delighted to learn that you were so involved with Batman Beyond and Samurai Jack, two shows I watched religously in my teens. Judge Parker does seem to share the crispness from those shows, albeit in a more "realistic" manner.

However, I'm dismayed to learn that my postings of late are treated scornfully by the artist of one of my followed strips. I have told my fair share of jokes (of the amateur "office comedian" variety), always meant to entertain other commenters, never meant to offend the artwork (2nd Best in Comics Kingdom, behind Prince Valiant), the script, nor the creators personally.

I understand the trouble with trolls, and the trouble with snarkers who don't appreciate the storyline. I feel its possible to laugh with something, or even at something, while still being fully appreciative of the story.

A recent strip, for example, had the character of Neddy wear a shirt that said "FRANCE". The character is well-endowed, as are many people in real-life, and I made a joke that said "I always enjoy reading the balloons in this strip." This was a double entendre, indicating that I liked reading the actual script, as well as looking at the character's breasts. It's intended to elicit a chuckle, but is not disparaging at all towards the storyline.

It's late, so my thoughts might not be in complete order. I just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying this strip, and hope that you can evolve your stance on commenters to allow a joke or two, all in good fun. As a fellow Alliterati (alliteratively-named), I hope you receive this message in good humor, and don't take to banning me or worse.

Mike Manley said...

Tim, I guess I don't get the idea that the strip is there as a source of fodder for commenters to entertain each other with their witty remarks at the expense of the creators. There is plenty of stuff I don't like on the web, many comic and comic strips I don't like, movies, etc., but I can't fathom going to a message board every day to throw rocks. I get it you guys ( and the guys postings as girls) think its funny. It isn't. It's lame!! If any of you had to make your living as comedians, well lets say you'd have one performance only. I have a hard time imagining the classic comic strip artists having to deal with this trolling and sometimes open disrespect by cowards who'd never have the balls to say any of that to my face. I'm sure every cartoonist has his detractors, its part of the game, we all have good days bad days, rushed days, but the sexual nature of so many posts about the characters boobs or sexing each other are third grade level at best. I know I ca draw a sexy girl, but come on, it's like half these commenters need salt peter!

So no, I don't get it or think it's funny. JP is an old style hangover from the classic days, there are only 3-4 strips like it. The storylines are light, easy reading drama to fit in 4 panels a day. I enjoy doing a classic cartooning style on it like Drake, Starr and Kotzky did in their day. Its never gonna be Batman, and in fact this strip is much harder work than any Marvel, DC or animation job I've had. It must be there every day and consistent, and much more realistic. That's way harder that superjocks. I'm glad you say you enjoy the strip, but keep in mind, if I came into your job to make a little joke at your expense every day, you might not always see the humor in it. I do have a good sense of humor and don't think everything I do is perfect and I'm always working to make my work better and hope people enjoy Woody's and my work. We take that very seriously, best, MM

Rob Morris said...


You nailed Barreto's version of Rocky. Looking forward to seeing your version of Godiva.

Mike, ignore the snarks.

Tim, I have followed the Judge since the early 70s. It's with Mike's precision and deference to the past artists who have done these type of strips that should be applauded, not made fun of. The fact he cares is very much appreciated and appreciated by long-time readers of the Judge. It ain't easy, as he notes, drawing in the "photo realistic" and yes, sexy style.

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