Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Collaboration: Socket of Tranquility

                                                      Socket of Tranquility 16 x 20 Oil

This new piece is another collaborative painting between my friend Alexandra Thomas and myself. We have do a few pieces like this before and Lexi has a painting of mine now that she is working on. You can see another Here. I have another painting of her's in my studio that I will also work on soon. I find it a great opportunity to play and takes risks and to also merge and let of of your ego as well when doing this type of painting. I have no idea what Lexi will do nor does she have an idea of what I will do. It took a few days to look at her painting on the easel before the idea of adding the astronaut came to me and I figured out how I wanted to merge him into what Lexi had done.

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