Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Judge Parker Process

Here is the pencils for the Sunday coming up featuring Sam's retirement which has been part of the story line for well over a year now in the strip and was announced before the whole RV/Storm/Dude/Waverly story line which occupied the better part of last year and was a real doozy to draw. The RV was one of the tougher environments to draw over and over as it wasn't a great visual set and cramped, even though they had a Mammoth Car of an RV. The most enjoyable was drawing the outside environments which gave me more to play with design wise.

This Sunday was a doozy with just about every major character in the strip except for the two girls who are in school or in the warehouse. This is the type of strip I'd love to have photo-ref and more space and size like the old days. Woody still writes the strip like the old days but the space I have to draw strips like this sometimes feel like a vise.


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