Sunday, December 20, 2015

Azbats Commission

Here is a recent commission re-creation of the splash page to Batman 500 alongside the original page itself.  I was super pumped to work on Batman back then, if not about having to draw Azbats. I really hated drawing that costume, mostly because I wanted to draw The Batman, not his replacement. Plus, how could he even walk across the floor without getting tangled on all those fins? But there was a lot of bad costume design going on in those days, but the good was that issue sold well over a million copies.

Here is a nice scan of the recreation. Its sort of strange to redo a comic piece for me and revisit my self artistically from over 20 years ago. I see things maybe I'd change now and the inking which I am still very happy with, but I suppose that's normal. I have more re-creations lined up to do, the next one is a redo of Darkhawk No. 1

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