Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Judge Parker Process

A few shots of this weeks strips in process on Judge Parker. The Neddy.Hank story continues as does a budding one with Sophie and Derek, though that one is happening mostly off screen. However Sophie did change her hairstyle---so teen rocker! The Sunday is all read for the brush, and you can see below the final inked strip.


LJ Roth said...

Very excited that April's next assignment is in Belgrade. Will you address how the recent war started although Serbs were looking for peaceful resolution, as it was widely reported and including NY Times article "U.S. Policymakers on Bosnia Admit Errors in Opposing Partition in 1992"? Will you address that over 1 million Serbs lived in Kosovo during 19th century, but today there is only 40,000 left? Will you mention that the only foreign flag ever being posted on the White House was in fact Serbian flag? Have you heard that Steven Seagal has recently became Serbian citizen due to the history of these people? I hope you will visit Belgrade / Serbia one day to personally witness their hospitality and kindness. Regards, LJ Roth

lost_in_woods said...

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