Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Judge Parker Process

 Here are the pencils and inks from an upcoming Sunday strip. The more characters there are the smaller the drawing gets per panel which makes this a bit tougher---as well as drawing the horses. But I cheated by tossing them into shadow.


Oscar Solis said...

Wonderful work as always While you might consider it a cheat to throw those horses into shadow, I consider it great framing. It also reminded me that the use of the silhouette has become lost in modern comic books, although, happily, it is still used on occasion in newspaper strips.

It also served to remind me of all the other great things that were formerly a part of the comics vocabulary that are rarely, if ever used: thought balloons, whisper outlines, motion lines coming off of characters, flashback panel outlines, among others. These are things that civilians recognize as comic conventions.

Mike Manley said...

Thanks Oscar. Yes, a cheat but a good cheat and yes, a framing device. I remember reading or hearing some old axiom that every 3 pages you employed a silhouette. I think this might have been more with humor comics to break things up. But Crane, Caniff,Robbins etc., used them a lot. I love the old comic conventions style wise. I think modern comics are embarrassed by them because they seek comics to be "real".

Unknown said...

I like the persons really much, because they are looking so real.

Unknown said...

Hi Mike:

Why is the Judge Parker comic strip so utterly racist? I have yet to see one non-white in the strip. To think we have a President who is black, and almost all our cartoon characters are white or animals.

Can you do something about this? Please?

lost_in_woods said...

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