Sunday, July 19, 2020

Pen and Ink Skull Kids

In the evenings after my long days of drawings the strips  I like to relax just by drawing for myself. I call these Wind Down drawings. Usually done late into the night, often while listening to audiobooks. Back in the beginning of the year these skeleton kids just popped out of my head onto the paper one night. I don't know where they came form--maybe some subconscious reaction to the pandemic--I don't know. But they are an awful lot of fun to draw and I am working on a graphic novel featuring them I hope to bring into print. The freedom I have working for my self, my own imagination allows me to work in ways that I don't get to in my commercial jobs including doing a lot of old school pen and ink rendering which I love to do. I am a huge fan of the great pen and ink artists from the last century and of course Bernie Wrightson and Moebius. There is something relaxing and meditative  about doing this type of drawing and technique.


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