Friday, September 16, 2005

Baltimore Con

I'll be rolling down I-95 from Philly to Baltimore in the early morning tomorrow to set up at the Baltimore Comicon. No hurricanes, no snipers, no worries!
Man and can I use the R&R, after the last few weeks of ball busting work, though I don't know if I call walking the land of the babymen a R&R stop.....

Mostly I look forward to seeing friends and hanging out aftershow for good eats and some shmooze and booze. marc nathan puts on a great show, much like comic shows were 10-15 years ago before the speculators and Hollywood ruined the hobby and drove out the all ages readership.

I'll try and blog from the con if I can at night, if not I'll blog Monday for a big update. I look forward to my schedule returning to normal next week so i can get back to posting regular here.


Alan said...

Cool! I look forward to hearing what you have to say about the con. Have a good trip.

John Beatty said...

Have a great time Mike!

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