Monday, September 12, 2005

Katrina Relife

Here are two pin-ups or sketches I worked on for the DRAWING STRENGTH Katrina Relife sketchbook that John Gallagher is helming for next weekends Baltimore Comicon. Sales of the book will go towards raising money with the money going to Habitat for Humanity to help the victims of the horrible devistation in Miss, LA and Al.

The first one was done by me.

The second penciled by my assistant Bonaia, featuring her character, Rodolfo the Reluctant Werewolf and inked by me.

I'm not a rock star so I can't write a song, I'm not a celebrity, nor a politician, so this is a venue I can use to hopefully help. Much like the 9/11 book I contributed too, I think the heart is in the right place.

The point is, we should think about it, not get fatigued, let the media cheapen it, tell us when it's over, OK to skip on, let the next news story push these poor peoples plight out of our view and as artists I think we can respond if we so choose in the way we do best, in drawings. I've done this to hopefully give something besides the money I've already given. If it earns some more $$, well then good. I've even thought about maybe adopting an animal from the shelters who was left behind. I already have a handful with my two dogs, so I don't know if it would work. I saw some footage the other day with them leaving dogs behind, one ran around the helicopter as it took off with two other dogs leaving it behind and it just made me sad and angry, I just hate to see and know stuff like this happens.

Things are super busy here until later in the week when I'll finally be done with the Venture Brother Boards and my Nickalodeon work. I'm looking forward to the con next week, I'll really need the time off. I've been working until between 4-5 am every nite for well over a week now and the point of the pencil gets a bit heavier each nite.....

Finally going back to the gym as well, long hours in the chair really require the body be worked out. It helps keep my mind sharp and releaves the stress too.

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Byagi said...

I think this is a great idea - its really cool to see the way people are willing to help.

My wife is considering adopting a dog that was displaced from a shelter in our town. She went and looked yesterday, so we might have a new addition to the family.