Friday, December 23, 2005

Night of the Long Wood

Tonight I braved the frigid conditions and treked along with Echo, Kelly who are both students at DCAD and Kelly's husband Scott to Longwood Gardens in Kenneth Square PA, about a 30 minute ride from my house.

They put on a annual Christmas light show that is really cool. As we toured the grounds, Kelly and I snapped Pics, Echo did sketches and we drank cocco that I brought along in a thermous to help cut the chill. We also ate at the resturant/cafe on the grounds which we pretty good, if a bit pricey.

Kelly brought some cool colored flash lights along that we used to take some cool, creepy pics. It was a great time and a lot of fun dispite Jack Frost nipping at my hands since I forgot my gloves.


Alan said...

Cool pics. I love those lights. Happy holidays Mike.

PlanetCaravan said...

I went to Longwood gardens once when I was 11. The lights were spectacular. I wish I could go again, this time with a disposable camera. I buy them at Rite Aid for $5.00 and take pics of whatever catches my eye.

Happy Holidays

-the poster formerly known as southParkJunkie

Kelly said...

Okay, my personal faves are 3:the one of you in blue; 2:the one of you up against the wall looking all mean like; and 1......drum roll please........Echo looking up and to the side and glowing like an ember---fabulous!!!!

That was a fun night wasn't it?

Talk to you soon,

Mike M said...

Alan, Thanks same to you and the GB crew!

PC Have a great holiday, start a blog and post your cool pics, love to see them.

Kelly, yes it was a great time last night, no santaMike must get busy with the final preps for the feast of beasts. that one of Echo all spooky is so awesome..doesn't even look like her.

Have a safe happy holiday.


Process Junkie said...

Echo is hot and you're not! :))) Merry Xmas Mikey!


PlanetCaravan said...

Hey Mike, are you going to the Taylor's Xmas party this year?

Mike M said...

PC, No, I won't be attending the Taylor 's this year, I'm hosting X-mas at my house this year, so I'll miss seeing you. Hope you have a great X-mas and New Year. Best to you, your bro and folks.


Echo said...

hahahahha, I love the commentaries!! ^^That was a great night, I had the greatest time! looking forward to the xmas party!!
PS: Thanks for all the pictures!!!!!!

snowBallPimp said...

Hey Mike, what's your e-mail adress.

UrbanBarbarian said...

great photos! Love the lighting! Looks like you have a real eye for both art and photography! But I still wanna see more art! More art!! Do you even use much photo reference? I never get the sense you work from photos.