Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I finally really got back in the swing of things this week with figure drawing. I still feel that the few weeks of did hurt me a bit and weaken my momentum though. But I keep at it dispite my frustration with myself and what I do and the way the class is setup with the lighting, though this week was better. I think I want to really do longer pieces but would alomst prefer 2 hours of ten minute poses to really get loose. I was also trying in the last two pieces to work less with line but tone, edges as they were both 20 minute poses. But really I hope to start very soon, maybe next week on a series of long term drawings of figures. I think I'll start with friends first.

The drawing above was done straight without any underdrawing, I started with the left shoulder and drew "around and into" the figure as a continueous contour drawing. You can see how you can blow porportions and get distortion quick, yet there is something I really like about this try of drawing dispite that.

In these two drawings I was dealing with tone mostly...I needed more time to refine things like the cast shadows, reflected light etc., but this was all that time I had. I'm trying to push myself to rely less on just line, something I am so used to working with because of my daily job.

I think Echo did some really nice drawings this week, she's been using some Vine Charcoal, we posted some over on her Blog.

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