Friday, October 27, 2006

Interview with me in the News Journal

The Delaware News Journal is running an interview they did with me in their Home and Life section today.


hazz said...

Hi Mike,

This is 1 of the blogs I come to check out regularly. Thankyou for the inspiration and insights into the business of comics you've given me. I'm a 31 yr old aspiring comic book artist from australia. i've devoured your draw series and have always loved how to books on comics.
I am hoping to break into doing comics before my 35th with so many things life just gets in the way.
Anyway thank you again and i hope to 1 day join your ranks as a comicbook pro! btw if you have the time or
cheers mate!

Kelly said...

(jesus christ! i had an entire entry composed here and then accidentally deleted it! will attempt to summarize)

This is so cool Mike! And the timing is perfect. I thought that several hours of editing would be enough for the documentary of you, but alas, it wasn't (it was due today). I was up all night last night editing, and was just too tired this morning to go into class--hate it when I do that. I figure I'm a little over half finished. I think I'm up to 11 minutes right now, but Pahl wants 5 to 7-ish. I don't want to cut any more of what I have, and there is still footage to be added--like Monsterman and my own narration. This story will help me formulate my narration, but how can I NOT include MONSTERMAN?!! The stuff I have so far is so good that I just can't imagine losing any more of it. It's all vital in my opinion. Ugh, you two actually had me up all night! Literally. I didn't give up until about 9 this morning. Mike, Mike, Mike--it's all about Mike, isn't it? And Her Royal Highness, of course!

Bonaia said...

I read all about you the other day. So did Amanda, Val, Sheila, Colleen, Bianca, Jessen etc. EVERYONE called me up about it. Now Dave needs to be in the paper.