Wednesday, November 08, 2006

No figure drawing...back to boards

Last night our model Shanna called out sick so there was no figure drawing officially at school, but there was an impromptu session in the next class over with your's truely as the model. Teressa who teaches the Drawing 1 CE class was having her students take turns drawing each other, so while I waited for Echo to show up and drive us home, I sat as the model (clothed sillies!)

When Echo showed up both she and I posed, sitting together and several of my students who would have drawn in the regular session came over to draw in Teressa's class. It was fun and we spent about 45 minutes posing before we left, Teressa did a cool drawing of Echo and me which she gave to us. I left it in my office as it was raining but I'll bring it home and post it next week.

This week I am aback boarding on two jobs, the Direct to DVD New Frontier which is the adaption of the Darwyn Cooke DC miniseries. I just boarded a section featuring batman and John Jones. It's a short section since I am also boarding another episode of Growing Up Creepy for Discovery Channel. I still have to finish my Turtles issue and I have a few other job possibilities on the horizion, one featuring an old comicstrip character. More on that if the job is 100%

The rain last night and this morning has washed away most of the remaining leaves and color giving this morning a soggy drab look. Good day for warm coffee and working.


UrbanBarbarian said...

Sounds like you're busy as can be but it's nice to see that you still have time for the class! I'd love to see your Darwyn boards! You do that stuff so well!


RJM said...


Nice to hear about your board work. Missed you and Jamar at SPX this year, but don't worry I had seconds and thirds in your honor at the Mongolian Grill!

BTW, I got my new comic series from the printer last month and would like to send you a copy (since I'm not sure the next time I'll see you).