Saturday, November 11, 2006

York PA!

A beautiful, yet eerie sunset on the way to York.

Your's truely, Mike Hawthorne, Jamar and Chris Moreno.

A few weeks back Echo, Jamar and I rode out to York ,PA to give a talk and really a portfolio review to Mike Hawthorne's comic class he was teaching at the cool revamped main library. Mike is one of the best younger guys in comics today and he's also just a really swell guy as well. It was a fun trip that was made even more enjoyable by riding with that cut-up Jamar. We meet Chris Moreno another cool artist who's also friends with Mike and was there to also give a portfolio review.


Echo said...

the photo really scared me, talking about the first one :D

Mr. Hawthorne said...

You guys were all fucking great for coming! The class was excited as hell to get a chance to rap with you guys.

Thanks again to Unca Mike, Echo, and Jamar!