Sunday, April 22, 2007

Big Beautiful Weekend

Finally! Finally the weather has turned here and it seems spring has sprung. I can't say how great this feels, it seems spring has been so shitty this year. Anyway as spring is in full effect that means school is coming to an end ( 3 weeks left) and the plans for summer are upon me. I'm planning to do some cons. I'll prbably be forced to skip heroes this year and do Philly Wizard instead. But that's ok, I'll hold down the home court with fellow homies Cohn, Nicholas and Neely.

I'm also building my Ebay Store, which should go live in the next few days as I am going to start selling some of my comic art, hell, even some of my fine art. For most of my career I've sold very, very little of my art, and never truck with ANY art dealers. I feel they are all ass-hats, and untrustworthy. Besides, why should I give them any $$ from my hard labors when with a little effort I can sell my own art. I strongly believe artists need to be more in charge of their own destiny and that includes being more responsible for also selling thier own work, especially in comics where prices are usually in the hundreds or less per piece. So the manley vaults will be opening and some of my art will now be sold. When the store is live I'll have a link to the right here.

The above piece was done for oneof my best buds Jamar's awesome blog BB WonderWoman stop by and check out his awesome blog filled with a real mix-master blast of thunder thighs of might.


k. borcz said...

lol. Love the chunky wonderwoman.

Dominic Bugatto said...

Here here !

Fun pic.