Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Big Wined-down before the Wined-Up

Since turning in the X-9 job I have had a few days to wined down here in the studio, clean up, pay bills, work on taxes, frame art for the CE show at PAFA. I had my painting of the two apples accepted so I'll head down for the CE show opening twomorrow. I submitted two pics but the only choose one, the rejected on you can see on my myspace
it's the one of the older lady in pencil.

I've begun also to really work on getting DRAW! 14 finished so it will be in shops in July, just in time for San Diego Comicon, which I will be skipping this year. I am also working on Draw! 15, which will be out in the fall as our Back To School issue featuring an in-depth look at the major schools and univeristies in the US which offer degrees in cartooning.

The drawing above is one of the 10 minute poses I did of Echo from our Friday drawing sessions at PAFA. I have a few comic projects on the stove now which may come to full boil over the next few months, when they do I'll officially announce them.

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thom said...

Mike, nice work on the sketch! Enjoy the wind down! Peace!!