Monday, June 23, 2008

Unused Quasar Cover Idea

While searching through the Manley Vaults I came across this cover rough for Issue #9 of Quasar which puts this around 1988-89. That issue featured Modock fighting the Q-man. But here I think the idea was still him fighting Modame, the female Modock, big-head? I don't remember now if Gruenwald changed his mind and that's why the cover was changed. Back at that time I usually did two or three cover roughs and submitted them to the editor. This one also had the Statue of Liberty in it, which is fun, but difficult to draw. I did find a book at some point on lady Liberty, but there was a battle that took place with Quasar inside the statue fighting Modoc who was outside. What a problem to stage! It was a real pain in the ass to try and find reference on that in the pre-internet days. You were limited to whatever you could find in the library or bookstore. I seem to remember that the statue was also closed at that time for repairs,making a photo trip there impossible. The web makes a lot of this stuff easier now as far as searching for reference goes, though they don't do comics like Quasar anymore. I made sure to leave plenty of room for copy on the bottom right as well.

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