Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Week 14

The Thanksgiving break has come and gone and so I am knee deep back in the last two weeks of school for the fall. This weekend with the help of Mike Gallagher I built the support for the larger painting I want to start ASAP for my Super Sad series. Mike is an awesome guy and teacher and he really did a great job helping me. Next I will glue the canvas to the luann, prime it and go! I hope I can be painting on it by Sunday. Its going to be a big painting, 45 x 85, so I will be using big brushes--and a LOT of paint.

Mike working away like a master craftsman!

A shot of part of my studio. We are having an open studio night on our floor this week, this is a way for people to come in and check out what we are all doing.
I have one more week on this painting in Scott Noel's class, I have had 3 weeks so far or about 4-5 hours total as i end up skipping out early to teach every week.
I am still chipping away at this painting in Bruce Samuleson's class. I really just find my self going with the flow here and I don't have any solid idea where this is going. I wanted to do something more abstract and it's funny, because people at school really seem to like it! I am kinda' indifferent at this point, but I will keep at it for the last two sessions we have in class and then I will see where I go from there. I might keep working on it after class while we are on Winter break.

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ACGalaga said...

Your attempts are aspiring!

By they way, just had to throw this out there: You got me into comics!

When I was a kid Darkhawk was definitely my favorite superhero (I even drew a big picture of him on my trash can and have 3 DH t-shirts). Sorry for the fanboy attack.

I don't think I'm a great artist but, I really enjoy making comics. You made me want to do that too. Unfortunately I'm inching closer to 30 with a modest portfolio of unpublished work. I guess with the advent of modern publishing it's possible to publish a comic on my own when I'm 80 but... let's hope I can do it before then.

Really wish I knew you were studying in Philly sooner. It would have been a dream achieved to meet you. I grew up in South Jersey, but I now work as an EFL teacher in Japan. Not sure when I'll be back next.

Keep up the pursuit of being a master artist! I'll continue to read of your exploits!