Saturday, March 26, 2011


We tipped over the halfway mark this week for the spring semester and I have picked my classes for the fall semester which will start my final semester as an undergrad at school. This time next year I will have applied to the masters programs for my terminal degree. As much as I do love being in school and at PAFA I really do look forward to the day when my classes will also be done and I can fully move on into the next phase of my art career.

The study above is for the new pose in my class with Mike Gallagher which will be the last pose in his class. All of my classes are either starting the a new pose or just ending one this week. I will have tow final in class paintings and one outside painting to do on top of my "wall" for the ASE--so I am gonna be a painting fool!

I am very aware of the time I have left to do my paintings for the ASE, so I must be very diligent and apply even more pressure for the next few weeks to get what I want done and ready---then the summer, a little vacay--and then back to the studio full time.

Here is the newest support ready to roll, it's 4 x4 canvas mounted over Luann panel and cradled on the back. I oil primed this one so the surface is really nice! this one will get started on today.

Since my buddy Ricardo is visiting for a while he often comes down to the school to hang out while I am there. He came down recently and gave my friend Will Sentman a few pointers on the study for the illustration he was working on--a great benefit you get knowing a guy like Ric!

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