Friday, April 22, 2011


There are only two weeks let in y third year in the certificate program at PAFA. The heat is one full blast as everybody is rushing to finish things for the spring Prizes and then the final show for the ASR. I am in good shape, I am just working on a few more pieces for the my wall even though I do have enough now to hang already, but I'd like to get a few more pieces done for the show like the portrait of Alina above. i will still be working away at it and I have another portrait I'd like to try if I have time.
this big boy is kinda' slipping away from me. I have only two full sessons in on it an Mike Gallagher's class and only one more pose with the model, so I will be working hard to try and get as far as I can, it's 5 x 4 feet so it's a lot to cover in just class time. The rustoleum on the wood is more slippery and so I am getting used to that.

This is the final painting I'll be doing in Alex Kanevsky's class, again we are running out of model time, just one more pose, but I snapped a pic of the setup so I should be able to pic at it after the class is done. It's a real mix in a way working on all of these paintings as I'm trying different things in each--I just wish I had a bit more time with the models, but that's them's the breaks every semester.

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