Friday, November 04, 2011

Fall Semester Week 11--deploy the Heat Shield

Another whirl wind week flew by, culminating tomorrow with my annual trip to the Illux Con with the DPC. Its our 4th trip to the con and we all look forward to seeing a ton of great illustrations and meeting a lot of cool people. We also had our 4th Floor Open Studio yesterday at school. Each floor will be having their own open studio and then next semester in Feb there will a the big one which will be open to the public. But yesterday it was just us 4th floor kids and it was cool to tool about and see peoples work in progress. I've seen a fair share of people's work as I am the floor monitor, but some people I haven't seen a lot or any of what they are up to. The 4th floor is a mix too, we have undergrads like me as well as MFA1 and Post Bac students, so its a real mix of all levels of the school's student body. Of course the easiest way to lure fellow students is with food, especially salty or sugary food, so we set up a snack table and it seems within minutes the floor was swarming with artists looking for free munchies and cool art.
The Halloween costume contest
Home Fine Art Gallery
I also dropped off 6 of my paintings to the Home Fine Art gallery along with my buddy Dave Golas, for our show which opened today and will run till the end of November, the reception is next Saturday, so if you are in the area drop by! But that's not all, I also had the latest painting juried into the newest gallery 128 student show, which opens tomorrow and runs till the end of the month as well.
So, between all the painting and dropping off and running about and teaching and keeping up with good old Judge Parker I could use the Illux Con break just to catch my wind a bit. there are really only 4 weeks left till the semester is out, 5 if you include the crit week, which I won't have with having just the one class. Peter will probably just have us paint that day. It seems strange that good old Tom Turkey is only a few short weeks away, but I am sort of looking forward to the X-mas break and my final semester as an undergrad.

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