Saturday, January 28, 2012

Final Semester Week 2

Week two of the semester rushed by but I feel was a solid hit on the bat. I got two paintings finished, the painting above of the westbound train to 69th street was finished last night. I have a month left until my show at the Rodger LaPelle Gallery so I will be stoking as much fire in the boiler as I can to keep at the easel every moment I can. In the meantime a spot opened in Scott Noel's portrait painting class so I will end up taking one class this semester, and in a big way it's fitting my last class will be with Scott who was my biggest influence as a teacher while in school and discovering his work was one of the reasons I choose the school.
Last night was also the opening to the Tanner exhibit at the school. It was a big opening with the mayor and lots of luminaries in attendance --in fact it was so crowded I only stayed a few minutes, snapped this pic and left. I'll go back and see it next week after the crowds are gone so I'll really be able to look at the work.
here is the fourth floor studio on Friday where Scott Noel's has his portrait painting class. You can see my friend Alina in the center there painting.
here is a shot of my easel and the studio with my painting The Squirrel hunter in progress. next week will be busy week and my brother graduates from temple so my parents will be in town to visit, so between that and painting and First Friday and the strip I will be jammed. But it's all good as they say.

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