Thursday, August 22, 2013

Drawing Comics

 I have been doing a lot of painting this summer but I'm also always doing comics like the Batgirl drawing above which I will have for sale in my Ebay store when done. I'm also always drawing Judge Parker, and you can see a process shot of some of the daily strips in progress below. In general I do all of my line-work first, then go back with a no. 4 brush and do all the blacks and brushwork. I work like a cook or a baker and do everything according to the recipe, and that works best when you have to produce a high volume of work. I did bust out the Hunt 108 and did some of the inking with that as well as the Pitt pens, I love the flexibility of the traditional pen nibs, but it takes them longer to dry, and on a tight deadline every minute counts.

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