Monday, August 05, 2013

Judge Parker Process

Its been a long while since I've posted some Judge Parker work on the blog.  This is the latest Sunday strip on the board, which is the 9-15 strip. I penciled this while fighting some kind of stomach flu the last day or so. Its on 2 ply Strathmore and penciled with an HB lead. The Wedding/kidnapping storyline continues to churn on. Its always interesting to read comments by readers on the Comics Kingdom and Daily ink message boards about the strips, the characters and about what Woody and I must be like and must be doing on the strip. These readers should all be doing their own strips they are so "creative' in their comments and insights into the way comics are done and the motivations of every character which means, A) everybody is greedy and B) everybody wants to sex everybody else on the strip!

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Rob Morris said...

Hey Mike,

You might want to change the date, it says "8-15". Looks great, btw!