Saturday, December 21, 2013

Power Pals

I have been mostly just post about school and the fine art process during the last year but going through some old files I came across two of the original character designs drawings  for the Power Pals Episode I did for Fairly Odd Parents a while back.  You can see a clip here from the episode.

I know I have the storyboard someplace and if I find it I'll post some of the board, but in the meantime here are a few pics from the show. This was my fave episode to board on of the few that I did for the show and I know they chose me because of my comics background. That show wasn't so easy to board on because of the amount of cuts--its a very hyper show, very hyper and that meant a lot of boarding.  The boards were huge, I think well over 200 pages even for short episode. Now this would all be done in Storyboard Pro, but this was long before than became standard and back in the time when boards were still done on paper.

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