Monday, September 22, 2014

Judge Parker Process

                                              LETS GET THE SHOW ON THE ROAD

In the current Judge parker storyline Abbey, Sam and Sophie are headed out in the RV for a family road trip as Neddy tries to sell her clothing line to Godiva a big-shot Hollywood star.

This week's Sunday strip looks like the road trip might be hitting a big snag for the Spencer clan. They may or may not be in Kansas---but are certainly in Tornado Alley.  Sequences like this are a lot more fun to draw as I get to do a little scale and drama. Above are my pencils with the boarders inked and below are the finished inks read to be inked, lettered and colored, which I did last night while watching Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex on Showtime. I enjoy both of those shows and look forward to the return of Homeland, though it will be a huge shift after last years dramatic end with Brody. The inks were done with Pitt pens and ink and brush on Strathmore 3 ply bristol.

 I'm still all old school when it comes to working on the strip as I enjoy having the original art which is really piling up! Maybe someday I'll sell some...

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LUD! said...

Whoa! Did not see the tornado coming!
And I was going to send you a comment about buying some original strips as well…