Saturday, August 27, 2005

Saturday head

Boy, this week has really been a busy one here at Manley studios. I just finished cranking away on my storyboard roughs for Venture Brothers Season two. It was fun but man, a lot of work since I'm doing half of the episode. As I was finishing batches of the board roughs earlier in the week my part time assistant Bonia would scan them in for me so I could later FTP them over to Noodle Soup and Chris the director. My pal Scott was down as well, so at times all three of us sat at my dinning room table drawing and listening to music as I roughed out my board. That's fun and I enjoyed having teh company while I worked.

later on in the day I'd switch hats and have to jump on drawing and sketching for my 'top secret' project that I guess I can say is for Nicalodeon. Eventually I'll be able to say exactly what it is, but for now it'll have to emain a secret. But this meant between those two projects and working on DRAW! (interviewed Kyle Baker this week) I was working 16 hour days so I didn't get much of a chance to do anything blog-wise this week, though I did do some noodeling and sketching every day to warm up, even though with the little sleep I was getting meant the engeine never really cooled down.

Next week will be another heavy week of work but less "crunchy" deadline wise, but I'll be putting together my Class work since my classes at DCAD begin the following Tuesday. Now I have to do all the things I didn't do like pay bills and laundry that i didn't do while slaving for the man.

I've also been enjoying Galactica this season as well as Bill Maher's return to HBO.


Vanoni! said...

Great sketches, Mike! Always fun to see your warm-ups.
Just wanted to let you know I'm enjoying the latest issue of DRAW! a lot!
I'll admit, once in a while an issue is hit and miss, content-wise for me - but that's to be expected. What I'm not interested in, someone else is! But most of the time, (#11 incuded,) the whole issue comes together for me and I pour over every article. Twice! (The first time I just look at the pretty pictures!)
Looking forward to Kyle's interview.
– C

Alan said...

Wow, can't wait to see the Kyle Baker interview. I've loved followed his work over the years and he is an amazing talent.

Galactica is the best show on tv. It's awesome that it comes from the same channel that brings us "Alien Express, Mansquito and Pterodactyl (starring Coolio).