Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thursday's Smoke

Something a bit looser today as I am tired. I've been storyboarding plus designing another project which is 100% diffrent than doing these tonal drawings I've been posting here, so gears were grinding today as I've been working some late hours this wek. Today's offering is the sketch of the lady above, which I did while on the phone this afternoon. She looks like I feel today...maybe that's why I drew her?


bustedacres said...

Lady? That looks dead-on like Bob Dylan to me!

Shannon said...

I love the facial expression on this one a lot! :)

Process Junkie said...

Shit! that's the guy who stole my soccer ball back in third grade, he said he just wanted to borrow it for a few seconds, bastard!

No, seriously, Mike, I'm jealous of your handling of charcoal, Oh! and remember: every drawing you make of other people is a portrait of yaself wink, wink!