Monday, August 15, 2005

Wild Wild West

Another TV study-sketch in vine charcoal from Gunsmoke-via my DVR. It's a little flat and the eyes are not quite there...he has uneven eyes, like the mad guy,oh well. Onto the next drawing.


Jamar said...

Mike -

These are great! I love the textures you're getting off of the charcoal too. Great stuff - and to use TV as a tool? GENIUS!

Mike Thompson said...

Excellent piece.

Vanoni! said...

>>he has uneven eyes, like the mad guy
Well, that's why they're studies, right? :)
Beyond your obvious skill with charcoal, I'm envious of the lighting you've captured. It's going to force me to woodshed on tone and the planes of the face.
And that's a good thing.

– Corbett

Mike M said...

Yeah, it's all woodshed ..
The actor had uneven eyes, when I straigtened them, I lost the likeness. One of the things about drawing real people, as opposed to "idealistic' people in comics is that one tends to start drawing all features very "regular" very normal, all eyes even, the same size, nostrils all the same, when in 99% of people they are not, we are not symetrical. We've all seen the picture where they take the face, split it in two and take the sides and make a face out of the two left and two right sides, creating very different looking people. I idealize very easily from yeears of practice and habit, so I have to slow down and pay much more attention to this stuff. Which is good.

South Park Junkie said...

Yeah, my eyes aren't symetrical either. My left eye has been a little smaller than my right one for a couple of years. I've been a picky eater my whole life so it's probably because of a crappy diet.