Thursday, April 13, 2006

Chickenbone City

Wilmington Delaware is now know as Chickenbone City, USA. Forget the poverty, the blight, the banks and corporate headquarters, no, for get them all. Everywhere I walk in the city you find chickenbones on the streets and sidewalk. Like some Johnny Appelseed, or Johnny Chicken leg walked the streets throwing drumsticks and tighs, wings and breats from his bag. It seems to be increasing of late as well. Maybe there is a chickenbone tree in bloom somewhere, the chicken bones are returning to spawn.

Are the bones coming for you?!


Jamar said...

Johnny Chickenbone will be in comics stores near you next fall.

It's a done deal

Scott Neely said...

So that's what happened to my lunch!

TheMulf said...

We should be lucky, for chickens grow on trees. Its the cycle of life.

Jessica said...

its Kennedy Fried Chicken. Its the only place open after night fall when the zombie bums come out.

I think wilmington should be called Mini Liquor-Bottle City!