Monday, April 03, 2006

Spring Break is over..

Last week was Spring Break at school, though there was no break for me, I spent that week jamming out inks on the last of Fear Agent #4, and starting my issue in full of the Ninja Turtles I am penciling and inking.

But before the break was done I had a little get together with some of my current and former students, a little DCAD Cartoonist party. Well it was a fun time and i got to play coach and teacher as each student brought along what they were currently working on. It was Pizza and coke long into the night.
Pizza, coke, fuel for the art madness!

Claire working on some sketches of her character for school

Tired pirate teacher

Thomas works on one of my homework assignments as I hover, whip ready!

On top of the Turtles I have also started inking Spider-man over Mike Wieringo's pencils, which should be a fun blast to ink. Mike is really a fantastic artist, one I think is a bit underappreciated today in the current "phototracer" climate of most of today's mainstream comics.

So this spring will be busy right into the summer. But I look forward to getting all my projects and side projects done and to classes being dome as well on the 9th of may, though I will really miss this class of animators.


Echo said...

Duuuude!! Looks like you were wasted on COKE HAHAHAHA

Mike M said...

I am a big COKE head....or Pirate COKE head

Chris Arrant said...

That's a great page 1 of a TMNT comic!

arvindh said...

You guys seem to be having a lot of fun in these pics! The sketches look great too.

Mike Thompson said...

Great stuff, Mike.

TheMulf said...

I was wasted on peanut MnM and soda.

alan brown said...

hey mike, i really like your splinter drawing alot!